man holding a paint brush

Selecting the right paint for you home is just one of the many steps on the road to updating your house.  With our handyman painting services at Spring Handyman Pros we help you put the finishing details on projects of all sizes.  Whether you need work on your walls, or detailing on trim and molding, our team works neatly and precisely, ensuring mess free work that protects the floors and walls of your home.  In addition to indoor areas, we also paint deck and fences that enhance your home’s curb value.  By hiring our professional painters in Spring, Texas, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your updated home, leaving the hard work to us.

One of the most common paint jobs our clients call us for is upgrading the walls in various rooms of their home.  Whether it’s bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or even closets we are prepared to tackle projects, no matter the size.  With our professionals providing your wall painting services, we use high quality materials during the work, either picking up the products you need or working with the paints you’ve provided.  We take the necessary precautions and use the appropriate barriers that protect areas like floors and furniture in the work area, ensuring that no damages are caused during the painting process. 

Trim and Molding
A great way to update the look of a room is to give the trim, molding or baseboards a fresh coat of paint.  With years of experience as professional painters in Spring, Texas, we perform expert detailing services that seamlessly address the crevices associated with you molding and baseboards.  Because of the intricate components these fixtures often have, we pay special attention to every detail to ensure that our work is finished to our high standards of perfectionism.  Upon completion of the painting, our clients benefit from a room that has a newly refreshed and updated look that will last for the coming years. 

Outdoor Painting
One of the best ways to increase the curb value of your home is to ensure that the exteriors look as great as the interior of your home.  Being exposed to the elements, outdoor areas that have been painted need to be maintained in order to present their best appearance. With our deck, patio and fence paining, we take care of homes not only making it more enjoyable for the home owner, but helping increase the curb value for those looking to sell in the near future.  For wood patios and similar installations we also provide wood staining and finishing services that helps get your wood installations shining like new. 

Professional Painting
While painting can seem like a DIY project, having our professional handymen do the job provides a number of benefits down the road.  We make sure that everything is done correctly from the start, including leveling the surfaces and using the right primers that extend the longevity of the paint.  In addition, we use protective barriers and products that ensure you won’t find paint splashes on floors and furniture once work has been completed.  By working with Spring Handyman Pros, you’ll experience fast and dependable service that’s not only completed on time, but will stand the test of time for years to come.