Kitchen Remodeling

a newly painted kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting project, bringing new life to one of the most frequented rooms of your home.  But when it comes to performing the remodeling work, undertaking the task on your own can be overwhelming, which is why Spring Handyman Pros is here to help.  If you need a handyman in Spring, Texas to assist with your remodeling and repair projects, we provide the work to get the project completed.  From floor installations to countertops and sinks, we install the large components that move the project along.  We also work with appliance installation and tiling work, performing the finishing touches that make the room come together. 

Floor Installation
When remodeling a kitchen many of our clients are excited to put down new flooring.  Kitchen floors experience a lot of day to day use, from family members walking through the room, to grease splatters and food stains that put a strain on the floors.  With our floor installations, we help your kitchen look like new, whether you’re installing wood, tile, vinyl or any other material in the room.  Our handymen pay a high attention to detail during our kitchen remodels, making sure that every detail of the flooring is perfectly assembled and sealed in order to make your kitchen enjoyable for years to come. 

Countertops and Sinks
Updating your kitchen with new countertops or sinks can give a room an entirely new look.  However, these projects can be complicated, requiring the use of heavy equipment and a knowledge of carpentry to get the job done correctly.  By working with our handymen to install new countertops and sinks you’ll see your projects completed faster and more efficiently with high quality work that lasts.  In addition to traditional countertops we also assist with custom items like butcher blocks, or custom cabinetry.  Our kitchen remodels include services such as removing old cabinet doors and replacing them with new woodwork to update a room.

Appliance Installation
Getting new appliances for your kitchen can bring new life to your kitchen, with these devices having the potential to make your life easier and more convenient.  With our kitchen remodel appliance installations we help you get these large items into your home, providing the manpower and safety precautions to get them in your door and into the appropriate locations.  Our experts help with the basic set up of your appliances from refrigerator installation to hooking up the basic functions of stoves, ovens and other items.  When you work with us, we help you set up these new kitchen tools, while taking the safety measures to ensure that they’re securely received in your home. 

As your all purpose handyman team, Spring Handyman Pros has the knowledge to tackle all of your biggest kitchen remodeling projects.  We specialize in tile installations that can help upgrade your kitchen, whether you’re looking to install new floor tiles, or use decorative tiles on your walls. Tiling can make your kitchen easier to clean and maintain on a regular basis, and is a stylish way modernize the room.  From installing backsplashes to trendy subway tiling our team works with you to help you realize your kitchen visions, providing the quality workmanship you need to get the job done efficiently.