Furniture Repair

A couch with pillow

The furniture in your home not only has functional value, but can become a sentimental part of your home decor.  At Spring Handyman Pros, we understand your investment in furniture is something you want to maintain, which is why we offer a full range of furniture repair services.  From remedying damage, to refreshing upholstery and assembling new furniture, we’re here to help with your interior design projects.  Our handymen have the proper training and experience to handle your items with care, whether we’re working on brand new projects or a family heirloom.  We’re here to help your furniture continue to be a valued part of your home decor. 

Furniture Repair
Whether your have a broken chair that you want to keep, or items that have become worn over the years from regular use, our team can help get your furniture back to its best condition.  We work on materials of all types, performing surgery on broken items that get them back to use in your home.  We also refinish worn items that have minor dents, chips or other defects that prevent them from looking their best.  Our handymen have an extensive range of knowledge when it coms to treating your furniture, ensuring that we use the right products and tools in our furniture repair services. 

Furniture Assembly
Getting furniture into your home can be a tricky process, which is why it’s sometimes easier to buy it in separate parts to be assembled in their desired location.  However, we’ve all experienced the headache of bringing furniture home only to realize the instructions are less than clear, or require a team to get the assembly done properly.  By working with our professionals on your furniture assembly, we manage this inconvenient task, getting your furniture assembled properly from start to finish.  With our services we enable you to avoid struggling to understand unclear instructions, providing the tools and labor to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Furniture Upholstery
When the upholstery of your furniture is looking less than perfect, our team at Spring Handyman Pros can help rejuvenate your old or worn pieces of upholstery.  Using our professional upholstery treatments we work on everything from repairing minor rips and tears to the cleaning services that help your items look and feel like new.  Properly cared for upholstery not only adds a special touch of decor to your home, but can have its lifetime extended with regular cleanings and repairs.  By using our professionals for your upholstery projects, we help your home look great so you can get the most out of your furniture. 

Our Services
In working with our professionals on your furniture upholstery and repair, we’re here to make sure your furniture looks and feels its best throughout its lifetime.  Our team members are properly trained in the best methods for handling your items, whether its repairs, assembly or upholstery treatments.  We use high quality products and professional tools and equipment that ensure your items are being treated with the right care though all of our work.  Including furniture repair services on antique and heirloom items, our professionals help your items look their best and protect your investment in your home’s furniture.