Bathroom Remodeling

A clean and renovate bathroom

Updating your bathroom every few years is one way our clients like to rejuvenate their homes.  Spring Handyman Pros has years of experience providing bathroom remodeling services, using our expertise to help get work completed reliably and efficiently.  From toilet and tub installations to tiling floors and walls, our experience helps get these projects completed with our high quality workmanship.  We help with basic construction needs from erecting walls and doors, to leveling surfaces with the tools and equipment to get the job done.   Our team also assists with finishing touches that complete the look, from painting walls to mounting decorative items. 

Plumbing Repairs
The beauty of our vast knowledge on how to make your home gorgeous is we also know how to get down and dirty if you need basic plumbing work. We have the capabilities to tear down your wall, repair any leaks, and put you a wall to look like we were never even there. We take pride in our great work behind the scenes so you can show this masterpiece as the main scene! Ask one of our professionals to give you a consultation on any issues you may be having and we will have it looking brand new again.

Tub and Toilet Installation
When you undertake bathroom remodeling, some aspects of the project can be DIY work but having professional assistance when it comes to big projects can make your life easier.  Our experts have the knowledge and tools to help with the installation of large items like tubs and toilets, getting them safely into your bathrooms without causing damage to your home or the products themselves.  From getting these cumbersome items into your house, to hooking up the basic plumbing we take the stresses out of your bathroom remodeling project.  In addition to tubs and toilets we assist with shower installations for full and half baths. 

With our years of experience working on all types of home handyman projects, our experts specialize in tiling installation in all the rooms of your home.  During bathroom renovations, tiling work can be particularly tricky as improperly installed tiles can create problems with leaking and moisture in the future.  By using our experts to assist with your tiling installation on floors, walls, showers and the like, we help you avoid future damages caused by imperfect installations.  Paying a high attention to detail through the work, your floors and walls will have a professionally finished look that you can enjoy for years to come. 

The walls of your bathroom are one of the ways you can add a personalized touch of design to your home. Whether you decide to go tiling, painted walls, or a combination of both we have the knowledge to execute your bathroom desires.  From installing new drywall and cement board for rooms that have been redesigned, to painting and tiling surfaces – we help you get your bathroom looking as you’ve envisioned it.  We provide high quality tile installations in showers and throughout the room, as well as professional painting services that will stand up to the heat and humidity that comes along with the bathroom environment. 

Mirrors and Vanities
Whether you’re performing major work on your bathroom, or are in the process of a non-intrusive update, our handyman services can help with your projects.  We provide the finishing touches that make a room look complete including touching up existing work and performing new installations.  Moving items like mirrors and vanities safely through your home for installation, we provide the labor and mounting services that get them securely fastened to walls.  We also work on other decorative items, including painting trim, mounting artwork or touching up old paint that helps the room come together as a completed project.